My February TBR consists of: Red Queen, The Alienist, Twilight, and on my Kindle: A Wild and Unremarkable Thing and Wildwood

February TBR

I do not normally make TBR’s for entire months. Actually, I don’t even make TBR’s very often with the intend of reading something at a specific time or in a particular order. However, this time I have done something new. I have joined a book club (three actually) and I have signed up at a publishing house to read two of their books and submit reviews. Also I have joined a read-along. This then demands a TBR, because without it I would be caught up in reading whatever I can get my hands on and not reading any of the books that was originally intended.

Book Club Books

I have joined three book clubs on Goodreads and I expect to follow at least two of them in February in their monthly read. In the first book club we are reading The Alienist by Caleb Carr and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I have gotten a hold of The Alienist, but am still waiting for the other. Not that I have to read them both, I just want to read them both! That’s the big problem for me with books; I find it hard to limit myself.

In another book club we are reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter. I have wanted to read both of these for so long! However, I am number 21 on the wait list for The Good Daughter and since I have so many other books I want to read in February I have decided that this one will not be a mandatory part of my February TBR, but more of an extra. I really want to read the book some day and I have been close to buying it more than once, so in case I finish all the other books early (as if), then I’ll probably buy The Good Daughter and begin this as well. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just read it some other time.

Books to Review

This headline may be a little misleading, since I also plan on reviewing some of the other books I get to read in February. However, these are the books I have promised to review before a certain date.

The first book is A Wild and Unremarkable Thing by Jen Castleberry. I pre-ordered it back on January 2nd and has been waiting excitedly ever since. On January 23rd it was finally released and it is the next one I will begin after finishing the book I am currently reading (which is Krokodillevogteren (The Egyptian Plover) by Katrine Engberg). Then Parliament House Publishing announced that they needed people to review some of their titles and since this was one of them, I signed up to do that!

While signing up another title caught my eye and I therefore also signed up to write a review of Wildwood by Jadie Jones. Wildwood is the first book in a trilogy (also known as The Hightower trilogy) and the second book Windswept comes out this year. I am so thrilled to be reading these books and I hope the whole experience of writing a review because someone asked for it and not because I just wanted to share the book with you will be awesome.

Read Along

I have never before taken part in a read along. Nor have I ever even buddy-read something. I mean, sure I have read books for my classes in school, but that’s not really the same thing. Therefore I am plenty excited! We are reading the Twilight saga – a series I haven’t read yet despite loving the films. That’s not entirely true. I read New Moon once on a holiday, becaue it was the only book around, but I found it so dull I didn’t bother with the rest of the series when I got back home. However, many have now told me that that was a mistake, and that despite the second book in the series is very dull (they agree with me on this), then the rest of the books are great! I hope they are right. Now I will see for my self by reading Twilight in February. Hopefully I will want to move on and read the rest of the series too.

February TBR

  1. A Wild and Unremarkable Thing (Jen Castleberry)
  2. Wildwood (Jadie Jones)
  3. Red Queen (Victorie Aveyard)
  4. The Alienist (Caleb Carr)
  5. Twilight (Stephenie Meyer)
  6. A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle)
  7. The Good Daughter (Karin Slaughter)

The list is in order of priority; ranging from my most anticipated reads to the least (however still very anticipated) reads. I look forward to keeping you updated on instagram and here!


The book Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter lies on a table with a smart phone and a pair of sunglasses. The table is covered in a blue table cloth.

Pretty Girls

Author: Karin Slaughter

Published: HarperCollinsNordic, 2015 (in Danish)

Danish title: De smukkeste

I enjoy a good thriller just as much as I enjoy a good fantasy, but I often feel that the thrillers I read dissappoint me. That they are not creepy enough or written cleverly enough. It’s not that I need a good thriller to be one that constantly takes me by surprise, but if it doesn’t it needs to be hella good written! One of my friends recommended I read Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, because it was really creepy and really, really good. I have loved every single book she has recommended, so I figured I’d love this one as well.

The Book

Pretty Girls is a psychological thriller about a young woman, whose husband is brutally murdered. We follow Claire as she tries to cope with her husband’s murder and in the process she slowly becomes aware that he was never who she thought he was. With a little help she tries to uncover all the secrets that suddenly rush to the surface without losing her mind or getting caught up in the lies. I don’t know what else to tell you without spoiling anything!

my thoughts

Karin Slaugther is an excellent writer. Everytime I had to put the book away, it was too exciting. I cannot tell you how many times I almost missed my stop, or got to bed too late. Pretty Girls is not a pretty story. At all. It is creepy to the point where I even wondered how anybody could think this up. Write it. And actually let somebody else read it in the hopes of letting thousands of people read it. I sometimes wonder how authors don’t lose their mind. I mean, they write on a project for so long, and they have to know every little thing about ther characters. Every dirty little secret. I can just close my book. Or hurry through it. Or quickly start a new lighter book afterwards.

Pretty Girls is amazing! I love these psychological thrillers, because they creep me out. Because I know that somewhere out in the world, something like this exists. I hope it’s never true, but horrible murders are committed, people do disappear, and the ones who suffer are forgotten.

I do recommend you read this if you like to read thrillers. The story is so well-written. I was constantly surprised and there was never a good time to put the book down. This was my first Slaughter-book, but it is definitely not the last one I will read!

Thanks to Cecilie for the recommendation!