The cover of Song of Blood and Stone

Song of Blood and Stone

Title: Song of Blood and Stone

Author: L. Penelope

Published: St. Martin’s Press, 2018

Song of Blood and Stone

Song of Blood and Stone takes place in the world of Elsira, which is a land of Silents; people, who cannot use the magic that is Song. Those who can are called Singers.

In Elsira lives Jasminda, a child of a Silent and a Singer, who bears the Song within her and the skin of a Singer on her outside. Because of this, she mostly keeps to herself, since people are afraid of her and her Song.
Jasminda has lost her parents and her brothers and lives alone in the family cabin on a small patch of land outside the nearest town, and now she stands to lose this too.
One day a group of soldiers and the injured spy they have captured find their way to her cabin, and she is forced to let them in. Jasminda slowly forms a bond with the injured captive named Jack and when they manage to escape the soldiers, it is the beginning of a long journey for both of them. Jasminda is racing time in order to keep her land and her last connection to her family, while Jack is on a mission to save their country.

My thoughts

I cannot find the words to describe what a wonderful experience it was to read this fantasy! I was completely taken aback by the marvellous story, magical universe and compelling characters that this story holds.
The story is told through a third person narrator, but still juggling multiple point of views (POV’s), which I love. The main character Jasminda is so likeable and relatable and she has quickly climbed the ladder of my most liked characters.

I think L. Penelope has managed to write a story that will both take you away, but can also make you think about your own world and life. This is one of the strongest and most important possibilities of any fantasy ever, I believe.
I know we all love different things, and I am really afraid of overselling this, since I think it is important to go into a new book with less than high expectations, since your expectations can kill the reading experience. However, I sincerely recommend you read this, if you love a good fantasy novel!

Sneak Peek

I have been allowed to show you an excerpt from the book Song of Blood and Stone and I am so happy and so excited for this! You can find this excerpt by clicking on the title below this section and it will lead you straight to it! The excerpt is chapter two in which we meet a wounded soldier and a good samaritan. I sincerely hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did! And if you wish to read the rest of the book, I can assure you that you don’t have to wait for long: It will be on sale on Tuesday May 1st 2018 right where you normally buy your books and can already be preordered many places.

Song of Blood & Stone excerpt

Find the excerpt through this link.

L. Penelope

The authoer L Penelope sitting and looking at the camera

Leslye Penelope has been writing since she could hold a pen and loves getting lost in the worlds in her head. She is an award-winning author of new adult, fantasy, and paranormal romance. She lives in Maryland with her husband and their furry dependents: an eighty-pound lap dog and an aspiring feral cat.

Song of Blood and Stone is out on May 1st.

Dewey’s Readathon 2018 Spring #2

Dewey’s readathon has kicked off and I am (not so) ready! It seems that time flies and suddenly you were supposed to sit and read, but you are thrashing through the last few points on your to-do list for the day. I wanted to take some pictures before I got started, so I could update this blog post with photos along the way and not be dependent on good lighting, but now I think I’ll end up taking a break and do some photos then in stead. Oops.

However, reading should also be done! I am going to be active here and on Instagram, and feel free to drop by.

The stack for this Readathon

As mentioned in my previous post I expect to read (some – if not most – of) six books. The books I plan to read are a mix of different genres and are chosen partly because of that.A stack of books I hope to read at Dewey's Readathon next to a vase with pink flowers

Final Girls by Riley Sager. 440 pages.

Hot Mess by Lucy Vine. 248 pages.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. 207 pages.

Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman. 248 pages.

Sindstequila by Sofie Riis Endahl. 267 pages.

Hvis der skulle komme et menneske forbi by Thomas Korsgaard. 314 pages.

The snacks

I forgot to make hummus! It’s so bad! But I will have to make it later. I did however shop both fruits and vegetables, and cookies and candy. So I think I will be set. I’ve made smoothie and bought and ice cream for later. The dinner has been taken care of and there’s not much left for me to do, but read.

Carrots in a glass and a bowl of hummus on the side. In the background is a book stack


Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final Girls will be my first read for today. I’ve wanted to read it for so long and I finally got my hands on it at my library. I will be reading it in the Danish translation, which I am quite excited to do! I normally prefer to read books in their source language, but lately I’ve been very fond of reading in Danish.

I don’t really have a lot of expectations for this readathong-wise. Or, that may have come out wrong. What I mean is that I hope to finish it today/tonight, but I am not sure I will. I have high expectations for it bookwise. I have heard many good things about it and I am very much in the mood for a thriller right now! Also; both Karin Slaughter and Stphen King has praised it, so i really hope I’ll love it!

What are your first read for today?

19:12 – 5 hours into the readathon

I am halfway through Final Girls and really enjoying it! Although one of the characters annoy me so much it almost makes me want to put down the book and start something else. But the story is great and I want to keep reading it! I also like how the chapters are put together.

I should probably eat dinner by now, but I do not feel hungry. So I ate a kiwi instead and took a banana and a bag of store-bought cinnamon rolls (kanelgifflar) with me to the sofa. I’ve also eaten a pound of carrots with hummus since the readathon began, so maybe that’s why I don’t feel particularly hungry.

I will keep updating this post for the entire readathon!

Final Girls, Sindstequila, A Wrinkle in Time, Call Me by Your Name, Hot Mess og Hvis der skulle komme et menneske forbi spredt ud på en gråt underlag.

Dewey’s Readathon 2018 Spring #1

Dewey’s Readathon is coming up and I am so excited! Last time I had a birthday to attend to in the middle of it all and when I came back home I was really tired. Sunday morning though, I read like a crazy until the end and had a blast! I ended up reading 496 pages and did reach some of my reading goals for the event. If you’re interested in seeing how I did and what I read last time, you can see it here. But last time was my first time participating ever, so this time I walk into it a little wiser.

What is Dewey’s Readathon?

Okay, so basically Dewey’s Readathon is a 24-hours-readathon where you read as much as you can for 24 hours at a specific time. This time we start on Saturday April 28. People from all over the world participates and we all start at the same time. In Denmark that time is at 2pm. We then read until 2pm on Sunday April 29. If you are not located in Denmark you can find your start time here.

But it is not just about reading! People who participate bond over blog posts and Twitter updates or Instagram stories – or whereever else they decide to share their experience. Furthermore, every hour there will be a little challenge available that you can either do or decide not to do. It is completely up to you! Sometimes it is nice to have a little break from reading, but at other times, you cannot be bothered to look up from your book. And that is completely fine!

If you do want the chance to do these small challenges, you should sin up for the readathon here. If you just want to read and interact with other readers, you don’t have to sign up. If you do sign up though, you will have access to a list of places where you can follow other readers.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them! Leave a comment or send it to me via my contact form!

My readathon

So last year I read an astounding amount of 496 pages. This year my list is a little more extensive than that. I have 1.748 pages on my list right now Not counting the books I’ve put in my “maybe” pile. It is important for me, to have a mix of genres and to have shorter books. I do not read plenty of books at the same time well. Therefore I need to have books in my stack, that I can hope to finish.

Despite being quite fond of graphic novels I actually haven’t put any in my readathon stack this time.

The stack

My stack contains a variety of books by both Danish and international authors. Only one book is in English though. This also means, that title with no English translation will appear. I will quickly list the books here in no particular order and afterwards write a few words about why these books are in my stack.

  • Final Girls by Riley Sager. 440 pages.
  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. 207 pages.
  • Sindstequila by Sofie Riis Endahl. 267 pages.
  • Hvis der skulle komme et menneske forbi by Thomas Korsgaard. 314 pages.
  • Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman. 248 pages.
  • Hot Mess by Lucy Vine. 272 pages.

I do not think I will get through all of these, but I needed something to choose between, that wasn’t my entire book collection. I think I have gotten the perfect mix between different genres and styles and hope it’ll help with my motivation. I rarely read for this long. Final Girls is a crime fiction novel and I think I will start with that one, since it’s supposed to be trhilling and captivating. I might also start with Hvis der skulle komme et menneske forbi but I’ve heard it should be a rather tough read, so maybe it’s a little hard to start with that one. On the other hand, I do not want to get to this in the darkest hours of the night.

A Wrinkle in Time is a children’s book that I have heard a lot of great things about and I really think it could make my readathon a little magic. Hot Mess is supposed to be hilarious, and I believe I will really need that at some point. I hvae plenty og sweet and funny books in my maybe pile, that I will also be able to go to, in case I need more of that when I get started.

Call Me by Your Name should be amazing and sweet, and I really want to read it. Moreover, I can also listen to this on audiobook if I get too tired and need to read in other ways. Sindstequila is a tough book too, but it sounds incredible and important, and I am really excited to read this! I think I will end with this one, but I am not entirely sure. It of course also depends on how much I will actually manage to read.

The snacks

I am not a big snacker when I read, but I do need to have something. I will make sure to have plenty of fruit, vegetables and hummus (I love hummus), but also some cookies and dried fruit. And of course a little candy, because I know I will crave it despite trying to live a little healthier.

My go-to drink is water, so that won’t be a problem, and I am also fully stocked up on tea. I am still not drinking sodas, and water and tea will therefore have to do.

The Updates

I will update here on my blog and on instagram throughout the event. And if you want to follow me, just swing by. I will be more than happy to share this readathong with you! Find me on Instagram here.

What about you?

If you are participating, please leave your Instagram handle or website address in a comment below! I would love to follow you too!


A stack of books I read in February.

Quarterly Wrap-Up of 2018 #1

When I first started this post, I had imagined that doing a quarterly wrap-up would be ideal, since I don’t read a lot of books in a month. Therefore, out of fear that one of my monthly wrap-ups would consist of me writing about this one book I started, but didn’t really finish – I decided to do quaterly wrap-ups. This would allow me to share more experiences with you in one post.

However, I had not expected to read as much as I did. January was filled with six books, and I figured it was because I took my exam and then was left with almost two weeks before I started school and work again. But the streak continued into February, and then I just decided to do one quarterly wrap-up, but the rest of the year I will do monthly wrap-ups. I’d rather write a short post about this one book I didn’t really finish, than a loooooong post about all of these books I read, knowing that most of you will give up by the time you see the lenght of it, and the rest of you will give up after the first few paragraphs.


I will briefly list the books I have read in the same order that I read them, and afterwards I will talk about a few of them and a bit about my reading motivation in this same period of time. Please note that some of the titles are in Danish (and consists of the odd letters æ ø å) because I read them in Danish! If the book has an official English title (and I know it) it will follow in parenthesis ().

January reads

  • Ligblomsten by Anne Mette Hancock
  • Stalker by Michella Rasmussen
  • Pigen fra Månehøjen by Lene Krog
  • Grænsebørn by Bent Haller
  • Nattevagt (Night Guard) by Synne Lea and Stian Hole
  • Er du okay, Fie by Anika Eibe

February reads

  • Krokodillevogteren by Katrine Engberg
  • A Wild and Unremarkable Thing by Jen Castleberry
  • Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
  • Begin Again by Mona Kasten
  • Kåde Kvinder by Giovanna Casotto
  • Voksenlivet er en myte (Adulthood is a Myth) by Sarah’s Scribbles

March Reads

  • Wildwood by Jadie Jones
  • Farlige Fristelser by Giovanna Casotto
  • Den sidste gode mand by A.J. Kazinski
  • Søvn og torne (The Sleeper and the Spindle) by Neil Gaiman
  • Fordærv (The Few) by Nadia Dalbuono
  • Provinspis by Ditte Wiese
  • Pernittengryn og Lorelei by Helle Melander
  • Sjælens pris – Dæmonherskerens arving #3 by Haidi Wigger Klaris
  • Song of Blood and Stone by L. Penelope
  • Suddenly Us by Marie Skye

Succinct Wrap-Up

I read a total of 22 books in these three months, which is almost my reading goal for 2016. That is quite amazing and frankly also quite unfathomable. But I have never felt forced to read this many books, it has almost come naturally, because I had a lot of books I wanted to read.

Seven of these books have been review copies from either an author or a publishing house, and I feel honoured to have had the chance to review these books. Except for one, I really loved reading all of them. And the one I didn’t enjoy as much, was mainly because it just wasn’t my kind of read anyway. It really wasn’t a bad book.


honourable Mentions


by Michella Rasmussen is a Danish YA book about a young girl who suddenly has an admirer, that slowly turns stalker. It is amazingly well written and deals with an issue I haven’t read about before. It takes both the stalker’s and the victim’s point of view, which I think is absolutely fantastic and it works terrificly in this book. The audioversion of it is amazing too!


by Katrine Engberg is a Danish crime novel that has been translated into several languages (I do not think English is one yet, though – unfortunately). It is about a murder on a young girl that has been committed in the most gruesome way. The characters in this novel were brilliant and I fell in love with them as much as I loved the story itself.

A Wild and Unremarkable Thing

by Jen Castleberry is a fantasy story with a twist of a feminstic approach. It tells the story about a young girl, who has been raised as a boy in order to be able to slay a Fire Scale dragon and collect the winnings afterwards, so that she can save her family from poverty. It is brilliantly crafted and I really wish it would be longer, since I really connected with the main character Cayda.


by Ditte Wiese is a realistic YA novel, which has quickly climbed up to be one of my most valued reads. Again, this is Danish, and hasn’t been translated yet, but I think it should! The narration and the voice of the story is spot on with the youth and Ditte tells a tough story about growing up and wanting to get away. If you read Danish and love a good YA-novel, you should read this one! And please let me know what you think afterwards as I would love to discuss it.


by Anne Mette Hancock is again a Danish crime novel, but this one is a bit different from most othe crime novels I have read. Ligblomsten (Corpse Flower) deals with the notion of revenge and I don’t really think anyone is actually killed on the pages, which makes it even more interesting.

Song of Blood and Stone

by L. Penelope is a fantasy novel set in a magical land, and th characters are so compelling. I loved everything about this book and I cannot wait to share this with you, when I post a full review of it on Sunday, April 29. It is amazing and if you love fantasy you should read it. End of story.

Reading motivation

I have been on a roll reading wise. I have no idea how it happened that I already read 22 books, but I have in no way felt pressured to. I have just read. And listened at any available time. I did cut down a little on reading for school, but only because I am only following one course this term. And I have also cut down a little on my work hours since I have been dealing with some personal issues that demanded I took some time to myself.

in the future

As mentioned earlier in this post, I will post a monthly wrap-up in the future as this was far too comprehensive a post for my own liking.

A picture of the Egmont building where the publishing house Carlsen is located

Bogbloggerevent om realistisk YA-litteratur

Lørdag den 14. april stod i bøgernes navn, da jeg brugte min eftermiddag i selskab med andre skønne bogbloggere hos Forlaget Carlsen/CarlsenPuls til et arrangement om realisme i YA-litteratur , der var arrangeret af Julie The Book Cat. Som stadig forholdsvis ny bogblogger var det mit første af den slags arrangementer og jeg var spændt og helt tosset nervøs hele morgenen og formiddagen på at skulle af sted. Men af sted skulle jeg!

Realisme i YA-litteraturPose med sponsorgaver fra bloggerevent om realisme i YA litteratur

Programmet bød på hele tre forfattere, to redaktører og en forlagschef (og sådan én har jeg aldrig mødt før!), så det var et tætpakket program, vi skulle igennem på de tre eftermiddagstimer. Derudover blev vi overhældt med fantastiske gaver fra mange forskellige sponsorer, hvilket var en noget overvældende oplevelse for mig, og jeg turde næsten ikke tro på, at jeg fik lov til at slæbe det hele med hjem!

Hvordan skriver man YA?

The authors Caroline Ørsum and Camilla Wandahl talks about the process of writing YA literature

Først på programmet var Caroline Ørsum og Camilla Wandahl til en snak om hvordan man skriver realistisk YA-litteratur. Caroline lagde ud med at definere begrebet realisme som mulig virkelighed og menneskelig handling, hvilket er vigtigt at forholde sig til, når man vil skrive realistisk. Derfor er det vigtigt at researche og undersøge mange af de elementer i ens tekst, man ikke selv på forhånd ved noget om. Der er dog stadig en frihed til at ‘finde på’ i realistisk ungdomslitteratur, hvilket Caroline har gode erfaringer med, da hun opfandt bandet Pale Blue Horizon til sin nyeste bog Wiki over Miss Elises elendige liv.

De to forfattere kom også ind på deres skriveprocesser og fortalte, at de begge skriver forholdsvis ufærdigt. Derudover bød Camilla ind med gode råd til at få en god skriveproces uden skriveblokader (hint: skriv i små korte intervaller og accepter, at det du skriver kan ændres senere).

Hvordan udgives en ny bog?

Nanna Nørh fra forlaget Høst & Søn kom forbi og fortalte om hele processen bag en bogs udgivelse. Hun fortalte bl.a. lidt om, hvordan redaktørerne mødes og fordeler manuskripter, samt hvad der sker, hvis et manuskript antages eller afslås. Til hverdag arbejder Nanna både med danske og udenlandske titler, og processen er forskellig i de to, da de udenlandNanna Nørh fortæller om en redaktørs arbejde i forbindelse med bogudgivelsesprocessenske titler jo allerede er udgivet og derfor ikke skal redigeres i indhold. De skal til gengæld oversættes, så her arbejder hun meget med at finde den rigtige oversætter til teksten, hvilket glædede mit lille oversætter-hjerte. Nanna lagde også vægt på, at en redaktørs job ofte går ud på at foreslå ændringer, og faktisk ikke rette, som mange ellers kan tro.

Kan YA blive for råt?

Forfatter Ditte Wiese og redaktør Kaya Hoff fra Carlsen snakkede om grænserne for hvor råt man kan skrive YA-litteratur. Dittes egen debutroman Provinspis er en rå oplevelse, som faktisk får mange voksne til at fravælge den, når de køber bøger til deres børn og børnebørn. Både Ditte og Kaya mener dog ikke, at YA kan blive for råt. Det kan måske i nogle tilfælde blive for meget, men i sidste ende er de dog enige om, at det vigtigste er, at det rå og barske giver mening! For hvis det ikke giver mening, så virker det ikke. Derudover løftede Ditte sløret for, at hendes næste roman kommer til at være en lidt anden type rå roman, og jeg er vildt spændt på at se, hvad hun kan trylle frem! Ditte Wiese og Kaya Hoff taler om, hvor råt YA litteratur må være

Aflsutning og rundtur

Afslutningsvis gik forlagschef  Christian Bach fra forlaget Carlsen på scenen og fortalte kort om tilblivelsen af CarlsenPuls, samt præsenterede kommende udgivelser fra forlaget Carlsen og CarlsenPuls. Dette bød på en masse spændende titler, som fik mig til at genoverveje ideen om at droppe job og uddannelse og blive fuldtidsbogorm i stedet. Herefter sagde vi pænt tak og farvel til de dejlige mennesker, der havde afsat tid til at glæde en flok bogbloggere med en fantastisk arrangement på sådan en lørdag eftermiddag. Christian bød dernæst på en rundtur på forlaget hvilket undertegnede bestemt ikke kunne takke nej til.

Til sidst fik vi kastet endnu en bog i hovedet og sendt hjem med varme hilsner og masser af smil. Alt i alt var det en yderst givende dag, og det er bestemt ikke det sidste arrangement, jeg deltager i. Stemningen og muligheden for at stille spørgsmål var fantastisk! Og det var så meget anderledes end de større arrangementer, jeg plejer at deltage i (som eksempelvis Bogforum).

Hvad var der så i posen?

Arrangementet var sponsoreret af og posen fyldt med lækkerier fra: Forlaget Carlsen, People’s Press, Høst & Søn, Gads Forlag, Forlaget Cobolt, Tante Te,, Forlaget Brændpunkt og boghandlerkæden Arnold Busck.

Farvel og tak for fisk

(Ja, en tyvstjålet litterær reference)

Det var en helt fantastisk eftermiddag, og jeg er lykkelig for, at jeg havde mulighed for at deltage. På trods af min sære personlighed, der ikke tillader mange nye indtryk af gangen, før jeg løber hjem og gemmer mig under dynen, så havde jeg en fantastisk oplevelse! Julie havde stablet et flot arrangement på benene og jeg er utroligt taknemmelig for det hendes arbejde har givet mig!

Af hjertet tak til alle.

The book The Few by Nadia Dalbuono on a table


Bogen er et anmeldereksemplar tilsendt fra forlaget.

Original title: The Few

Forfatter: Nadia Dalbuono

Udgivet: Alhambra, 2018

Serie: Leone Scamarcio #1


Fordærv er første del i en serie om den erfarne kriminalkommissær Leone Scamarcio. Scamarcio er søn af en italiensk mafiaboss, men har valgt at gå en modsat vej og må derfor kæmpe for sin integritet som en af Roms politimænd. En dag bliver Scamarcio kaldt til et møde med sin chef, som beder ham om at undersøge en særlig sag – helt uofficielt.

Sagen handler om en død trækkerdreng, som er fundet myrdet i sin egen seng, og da der pludselig også dukker billeder op af denne trækkerdreng og en af Italiens højtstående politikere i en særdeles ømtålelig situation, er Scamarcio pludselig dybt involveret i en sag, der er svær at holde hemmelig. Som efterforskningen udfolder sig og trækker Scamarcio med ind i mere forfærdelige lag af det Italienske samfund, begynder Scamarcio også langsomt at miste sig selv lidt.

Mine tanker

Fordærv er en af den slags krimier, der tager læseren med politiet rundt i store dele af efterforskningsarbejdet, samt hovedpersonens tanker og privatliv. Det betyder, at man som læser kan få lov at udfolde sagen i samme tempo som hovedpersonen gøre det, hvilket også betyder, at man ofte føler sig lige så fortabt og forvirret som den stakkels kiminalkommissær, der er sat til at løse mysteriet.

Jeg havde svært ved at vænne mig til de italienske navne, og i lang tid følte jeg mig forvirret over, hvem der var hvem. Plottet var dog fængende og Scamarcio spændende at følge.

Mysteriet om den afdøde trækkerdreng leder Scamarcio til den italienske ø Elba, hvor en amerikansk pige er blevet kidnappet. Det virker næsten umuligt at finde en ammenhæng mellem disse to sager, hvilket gør historien endnu mere interssant. Når man som læser selv får lov at lege detektiv, synes jeg, man får lidt ekstra ud af historien. Jeg synes, det er fedt at få lov til at gætte løs og lave forskellige mulige scenarier i hovedet under læsningen.

Plottet var gennemtænkt, og der gik lang tid før, jeg begyndte at forbinde ledetrådene. De forbrydelser, man præsenteres for er barske og modbydelige, og jeg kan ikke lade være med at håbe, at det ikke er en gengivelse af virkeligheden. Den sørgelige sandhed er dog nok, at det er en ret virkelig gengivelse af virkeligheden. Og selv om det gør mig trist at tænke på, så er det også en stor del af, hvad jeg kunne lide ved bogen.

Scamarcio er en velskrevet figur, som på mange måder virker ægte og menneskelig. Dalbuono har med snilde sørget for at han er en karakter, man har lyst til at vide mere om. Han er meget uafhængig og arbejder hårdt for at gøre sit job godt. Han er brysk, men samtidig også meget relaterbar. Noget af det, der gør ham særligt interessant er hans retfærdighedssans, som er formet af både hans baggrund med en kriminel far og hans job hos politiet.

Samlet set synes jeg, at romanen var en anelse forvirrende, omend spændende og grotesk. Scamarcio er svær at holde af, men samtidig er han også svær ikke at kunne lide, og han betyder helt bestemt meget for at romanen fungerer. Dalbuono har gjort et fantastisk arbejde med at lade sine karakterer udfolde sig gennem handlinger og tale, fremfor at give direkte beskrivelser af dem.

Min største anke er, at jeg synes, historien bevægede sig langsomt fremad. I forhold til, hvor forvirret jeg følte mig over navne og det velsammenskruede plot, var det sikkert en god ting, fordi det gav mig tid til at samle tankerne undervejs. Det kostede dog lidt på læsemotivationen hele tiden at sidde og føle, at der var langt endnu.

Er den noget for dig?

Hvis du er nået hertil, vil jeg skyde på, at du generelt godt kan lide at læse krimi, hvilket jo bestemt er et godt udgangspunkt. Fordærv er uforudsigelig og tager dig konstant med på nye udviklinger i sagen, der ikke altid giver mening ved første øjekast, men som vil sætte tankerne i gang. Derudover er hovedpersonen Scamarcio som nævnt meget menneskelig og derved let at identificere sig med.

Hvis du også er ved at være en lille smule træt af den stereotype krimiromanhovedperson, (ham den midaldrende mand, der drikker og ryger lidt for meget, og som har opgivet familielivet (bevidst eller ubevidst) på grund af arbejdet) så frygt ej: Sådan en er Scamarcio ikke. Hans dæmoner er nogle andre, hvilket giver denne roman et friskt pust. Sandt at sige er han ikke gift, og hans kærlighedsliv halter godt nok også lidt, men han føles stadig anderledes. God anderledes. Jeg håber, det er intentionen, at han fortsat skal være lidt anderledes på det punkt.

Hvis du holder af at læse en krimi med et gennemtænkt plot, der også vil få dig til at undres, når du har lagt bogen væk for en stund, så kunne denne bog sagtens være god for dig. Hvis du foretrækker en krimi, der kravler ind under huden på dig med forfærdelige og virkelighedsnære forbrydelser, så vil du nok også kunne lide denne. Selv om man er sparet de groteske detaljer om forbrydelserne, så er de stadig væmmelige at tænke på, og jeg er stadig rystet over, hvad mennesker kan gøre mod hinanden…


Jegvil gerne takke forlaget Alhambra for at sende mig et eksemplar Fordærv til anmeldelse!

The cover of the e-book The Ganga Shift on a mobile phone next to a grey vase and a read burning candle

The Ganga Shift

Title: The Ganga Shift

Author: Mary Bernsen

Published: Parliament House Press, 2018

The Ganga Shift

Isabella hasn’t had an easy life and this has led her to jail. Because of her background and her limited ties to the outside world, she is chosen for a government funded experiment on gene mutation. Her body however doesn’t react on this treatment as expected and in order to provoke the correct response out of her body she is tossed into a dome together with a group of shifters, whose only goal is to make Isabella shift too – even if they kill her in the process.

My Thoughts

One of the first things I often do when starting a new book is consider the title. In some cases I research it. This was one of those cases. The Ganga Shift. I didn’t know what to put in the word Ganga. And I was also somewhat unsure about Shift. Maybe this stems from me not being a native English speaker, or maybe I am just unschooled in this topic. My research however quikly led me to Hinduism, which I found odd, and I actually sort of dismissed it and instead accepted that I would find out during my read. And I did. And I hadn’t been far off. This amazed me and at the same time it made me so happy! I found it very refreshing to have a different cultural background to this kind of story and I loved that Hinduism played a role in this story.

Throughout the story Isabella grows to face the challenge she is met with and her change is evident. She is a very headstrong character, who is not afraid of asking for help, when she needs it. She is genuine and stubborn, and I found her to be very different from anyone I have ever met/read about before.

Chase and Brayden – her cell mates – are a couple of fun types too. Chase is this calm and controlled being, who meditates and who is very independent. Brayden is anything but. He is a young man with practically no manners (according to Chase) and he is very animalistic. The book changes POV between these three characters which gives a very dynamic reading experience, and also muliple POVs are just brilliant, because it broadens the view of each character, since we both get to follow their own mindset, but we also know what others think about them, despite what comes out of their mouth.

I really loved the Ganga Shift

It was so different, and so spectacular and I seriously loved the Hindu approach. I loved that the main character was a vegetarian, and even though it didn’t play a major role, but were more a character treat, it mattered, because I like when authors challenge conservative tropes.

I loved the love triangle between our main characters, although I am not quite sure I buy into it. The ending was fresh and concise, and despite the fact that I felt there were a few situations that moved by quite fast, it was an altogether marvellous, enthralling and refreshing read that I highly recommend you read!

Should you read it?

My feeling is, that if you enjoyed stories like Twilight, The Hunger Games, Song of Blood and Stone etc. then you will probably also enjoy this one. If you enjoy a headstrong female lead, a small love triangle, sci-fi books on DNA-alteration and paranormal shifting stories, then this could very well be a story you would also enjoy! And if you on top of that also like a book filled with cultural references, then I am sure you will love this!


I would like to thank Parliament Hous Press for letting me review a copy of this book! I have been eyeing it since they announced the cover reveal of this book in January and I am so glad that I finally got to read it, and that it was such an amazing experience!

A stack of books that I intend to read during Dewey's 24-hour readathon

Long time no see

So I have been sort of absent for the past few weeks, and I am sorry for that! I just have not been feeling very good and have had to cut down on a lot of my daily activities. That unfortunately included my blog. I am not completely back yet, but I miss this and I have had so many ideas for blog posts, that have just faded away due to my inactivity. And it kills me! Because I really want to make this work and I really want to share my thoughts and bookish life with you guys!

So I hope to be able to pop in every once in a while and write a little something. Maybe work on some reviews too, but mostly I just need to get re-acquanted with running a blog and letting my inspiration unfold on these pages again. And I sincerely hope you will still be there, when I am back at full force – which is hopefully very soon!

That’s the beautiful of life isn’t it – even when it’s grey and horrible; Life is ever changing! We do not know what tomorrow brings. I am wishing for rays of sun. At the very least I am hoping the clouds may lift.

I know I do not give much explanation, but it is a very personal matter that has kept me away and I would like to keep it that way. At least for now. But see this as an apology and a promise that my silence is about to change!

I want to thank all of you who has stayed with me! All of those who still peeps in once in a while to see if there’s somehing new. You all make me want for a quick return a little bit more.