Soulles by Gail Carriger and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell on a bench by a lake
17. oktober 2017

Autumn holidays

By Cherryblossomreads

I have a whole week off work and studies now due to the autumn holidays. I am so in need of it! It is going to be a designated reading holiday, where I have a little more than seven books I’d like to read. Luckily Dewey’s Readathon is next weekend, so I expect it to be possible to read all of the books I’d like to. A few of them are for my teaching studies and are only a hundred pages or so long, which I believe will be quickly read.

herlufsholm fantasy book fair

This weekend Herlufsholm is hosting their annual Fantasy Book Fair and I intend to join! The programme is filled with authors I’d like to hear (and see). I hope to be able to be there for the entire Friday, but I have a doctor’s appointment early Friday and am not sure I’ll be able to make it to 12 when it starts.

I went last year for the first time ever and was so scared of all the people there who knew a lot more about the books and the authors present than I did, that I spend most of the time hiding behind my boyfriend. This year I will spend mostly listening I think. The programme looks so good and interesting that I honestly think I could sit and listen for the entire weekend.

Unfortunately I can only be there on Friday, but I intend to make the best of it!

what to see

The full programme can be seen here, but I have highlighted three of the features I find the most interesting below, but let me just state that there is so much more to come for.

12.00-12.30 Rainbow Rowell interviewes om bogen ”Carry on”

Rainbow Rowell has been everywhere on my instagram feed this year and I really would like to know why that is. What makes her writing so special and/or magnificant? I have recently started Carry On to have some sort of background knowledge before the interview and expect to finish it before Friday. This, however, is the one thing I don’t think I can make after getting my doctor’s appointment, but I still hope to go!

14.30-15.00 Gail Carriger interviewes på engelsk om serien ”Soulless” af Rasmus Hedeboe, musiker og fantasyfan

Two things here: Firstly, I received the first novel in the Soulless series last year at Christmas and she has a very peculair, yet funny, writing style! And I’d like to hear her thoughts on the series. Secondly, I watched Rasmus Hedeboe perform an interview last year and I was really caught by his enthusiasm, so I look forward to seeing him in action again this year!

15.00-15.30 Nanna Foss og Boris Hansen fortæller om serierne ”Spektrum” og ”Panteon-sagaen”

These two Danish authors have piqued my interest this year. With their ever grounded easy-loving way of interacting with fans and followers I was hooked. I haven’t read Panteon yet, but the years only have so many days and it seems I have more books to read. But it will come, someday! Spektrum on the other hand I have begun and I love it! I do not understand one single thing about the plot (or well, maybe I understand one or two things), but I still enjoy it so much and I love how I as a reader can feel how Nanna has cared for the details. So; I have to see this!

Dewey’s Readathon

Another exciting event this week is Dewey’s Readathon. I have been wanting to participate for the past year, but only now seem to be able to do so. Last year I didn’t know what it was, but it seemed interesting and I followed a few blogs and instagrammers. I had only just begun my instagram adventure myself, so I think it was a good start to just observe.

In the spring things just didn’t add up for me to participate, but this time I really want to. I have a birthday party in the middle of it all, but I will make it work by still reading as much as possible for the remaining hours. Since I am not good at 24-hours wake time, I also need to sneak in a little (lot of) sleep. I will keep you posted on this event!