1. september 2017

To begin a blog part II

By Cherryblossomreads

Now my blog has been online for a few weeks and I have sort of settled as a blogger. I do this, because I want to. I do this for me. And I do this for all of you, who are interested in my thoughts on different books, issues, events and whatever else I could think important or interesting enough to share.

The blog experience so far

I have been through a variety of emotions in this very short time. First I was excited and scared. Then I published my blog and the fear was quickly substituted by joy and pride. Then after a little while I felt anxious: What if I didn’t post enough? What if I didn’t write the right things? And what if I made the wrong decision, when I chose to do this in English despite being a native Danish speaker?

Lately though, I have become more at ease with everything. I no longer have to remind myself, why I do this. It is like writing little bits of stories or writing small poems without the intention of actually showing someone. But if I do show someone, I don’t ask for their opinion, I only hope the enjoyed it.


In the beginning the reviewing part was sort of difficult. Mostly because I didn’t know how to write without spoilers. I always knew I wouldn’t want to review by giving books stars or the likes. I am a student teacher, hopefully one day an actual teacher, who will need to put grades on my pupils. I hate that. I don’t think you can put a grade on a person. It’s not that I don’t think you can put a grade on a book, but like people books are so much more than the paper and ink. Books are so much more than the words printed on the page.  Books can change you. Books can change themselves. The first time you read something and the second or third or tenth time you read it, it may not be the same book or story. Because you changed. I know my reviews are still a product of my thoughts at a specific time, but I still like to make them without the firm system of stars or other.

I start out with a quick summary or  teaser (in the instances where a summary will be too revealing). After that comes a section of my thoughts on the book and at the end of these I tell you who I think would benefit from reading the book. Sometimes it will be very specific, but mostly it will be something along the lines of: “those who enjoy….”

what can the future bring?

I strive to post once a week, but I must admit that some weeks are straight up crazy-busy! Hopefully, I will become better at finding my writing voice. I still struggle a little, because I want you to take me seriously, but also I don’t want to hide away who I am. And I am a little crazy – just so you know.

I have always loved writing and I am wondering if I should sometimes post the things I write. My poems. My ‘scenes’. I never write entire stories; I only write excerpts. Small scenes. I read something in the newspaper, I dream something or I see something in the world and my mind goes crazy making up ideas for this specific thing or person. But not long stories. I do not care for the long stories in the stuff I write. I care for the sensations in that exact moment. So maybe you will get to experience that part of me.