The book Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter lies on a table with a smart phone and a pair of sunglasses. The table is covered in a blue table cloth.
24. august 2017

Pretty Girls

By Cherryblossomreads

Author: Karin Slaughter

Published: HarperCollinsNordic, 2015 (in Danish)

Danish title: De smukkeste

I enjoy a good thriller just as much as I enjoy a good fantasy, but I often feel that the thrillers I read dissappoint me. That they are not creepy enough or written cleverly enough. It’s not that I need a good thriller to be one that constantly takes me by surprise, but if it doesn’t it needs to be hella good written! One of my friends recommended I read Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, because it was really creepy and really, really good. I have loved every single book she has recommended, so I figured I’d love this one as well.

The Book

Pretty Girls is a psychological thriller about a young woman, whose husband is brutally murdered. We follow Claire as she tries to cope with her husband’s murder and in the process she slowly becomes aware that he was never who she thought he was. With a little help she tries to uncover all the secrets that suddenly rush to the surface without losing her mind or getting caught up in the lies. I don’t know what else to tell you without spoiling anything!

my thoughts

Karin Slaugther is an excellent writer. Everytime I had to put the book away, it was too exciting. I cannot tell you how many times I almost missed my stop, or got to bed too late. Pretty Girls is not a pretty story. At all. It is creepy to the point where I even wondered how anybody could think this up. Write it. And actually let somebody else read it in the hopes of letting thousands of people read it. I sometimes wonder how authors don’t lose their mind. I mean, they write on a project for so long, and they have to know every little thing about ther characters. Every dirty little secret. I can just close my book. Or hurry through it. Or quickly start a new lighter book afterwards.

Pretty Girls is amazing! I love these psychological thrillers, because they creep me out. Because I know that somewhere out in the world, something like this exists. I hope it’s never true, but horrible murders are committed, people do disappear, and the ones who suffer are forgotten.

I do recommend you read this if you like to read thrillers. The story is so well-written. I was constantly surprised and there was never a good time to put the book down. This was my first Slaughter-book, but it is definitely not the last one I will read!

Thanks to Cecilie for the recommendation!