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Book tag

A while ago I was tagged to do the #bookishsickness. I know that it is mostly meant as an instagram thing, but I thought I’d put it here, because I think it is a fun way to come around some of the books I’ve read, but probably won’t write about.

Diabetes (a sweet read)

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James (the entire trilogy, actually). I know it was widely discussed as being literary porn for women, and as not being actual literature, and a lot of people disliked it for merely that reason. I however loved it. I found it so sweet! Too much at times, but so adorable! I loved the overprotectiveness and the naivity. I loved the rush of sweet and innocent love, that sweeps Anastacia off her feet and I loved the struggle to merge the two worlds they both come from. I adored the scenes where Christian clearly longed for someone, he couldn’t have. I would have shaken my head at their relationship in real life and told either one to get a grip and move on or stop being so dramatic and dominant… but in the book they were just sweet.

Chicken Pox (a book you wouldn’t read again)

I am not sure there is such a book. At the same time, I could name many books I wouldn’t read again. I mean, I don’t think I ever read any one book that I just hated so much, I wouldn’t want to read it again. I have not finished a couple of books that I probabl won’t give another chance, but even if I didn, it wouldn’t be a proper re-read. On the other hand, I have read a lot of books that were good, but with a million or more unread books in the world, that I find interesting, I wouldn’t want to re-read a lot of books. Simply because I don’t have the time. L. J. Smith’s The Circle-series is an example of some of these books. I found them to be meh, and now I’ve read them, and don’t have to do it again.

Flu (a contagious read)

The Half Bad series by Sally Green. I read this trilogy late 2016 and early 2017 and it swept me away! I couldn’t put it down and the pages just kept turning themselves, it seemed! It is still one of my favourite series, both because of the amazing story, but definitely also because of the style of writing. I felt so connected to the main charcater (Nathan) without really liking him from the very beginning, and I only came to feel more and more attached to him. I ended up almost loving this broken soul. He is one of those charcaters you feel, you want to pick up and hide inside your heart, so they feel warm and safe and protected from all the bad things. One of those characters, who you know in your heart, will never heal. Like Katniss from The Hunger Games series. She is broken. She wil never heal. But she cannot stop living. Anyways, that really kept me hooked.

Insomnia (a book you read all night)

The Awakening & The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries #1-2) by L. J. Smith. I started the first one one evening and when I turned the last page I simply had to move on to the next. I remember finishing it in the middle of the night and almost panicking for not having the third book too. The next day I went to the library only to realise that the third book hadn’t been translated yet! It was so awful! I waited years before I found it, and then I found it in English published with number four as well. I was so happy, yet the fourth one really disappointed me and I sort of wished I had only read the first three in the series, despite then ending being too open.

Bad Nutrition (a book where you forgot to eat)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling. I remember finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix completely devastated and heart-broken, and when I got my hands on HP6 I just had to know what would happen next. I started early in the morning and read all through the day, and stopped only to use the lavatory and I only stopped to eat when my mother came and told me, she had dinner ready. It was amazing. I finished the book around 2 am that same night.

Home-sickness (a book related to a trip)

Vampire Kisses – the beginning by Ellen Schreiber. I bought this book in a book store in Costa Rica while vacationing there. I read it rather quickly, and I remember it as being good, but nothing ground breaking or phenomenal. However, I brought it on a trip one day, and we were caught out in the open, when the rain started falling. At that time, the rain came down at approximately the same time every day, and it just poured down like crazy for maybe an hour or three. Then nothing happened until the next day. We were on horseback when it hit, and everything was completely saturated. My book included. My heart almost stopped when I realised it! I looked at it with shaky hands only to realise that the damage was irreversible. However, my good friend told me, it was an important lesson to learn, because I seemed to care a little too much about my books. I belive she was right, although for many years (and still today actually) I would look at it on my shelves and think, that at least it can still be read. Even though it looks very worn.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this. Consider yourself tagged to do this tag, if you think it could be fun! And please do let me know if you do, so I can learn a little more about you!

The books Desert Skies, Rebel Souls and Pigen fra Månehøjen on a flowery background.

2017 in Books

2017 has been an amazing reading year for me. Only this year did I begin to actually organise my reading; keep lists of books I have read and lists of books I want to read. It was this year I finally began to learn how to use Goodreads (Okay, I did that yesterday, so maybe I’ll learn a lot more in the new year).

2017 proved to be a year where I read a lot of books. More than anticipated. 20 more books than anticipated. That is crazy! And I very much enjoyed most of them! 2017 was also a year where I did not DNF any of the books I began! Maybe I have become a more flexible reader, or maybe I have become better at picking my books. I don’t know, but I am happy for this experience.


This year I began an owlcrate subscription, and I am so glad I finally got to do so! It was my birthday present from my boyfriend back in May and it has opened my eyes to a world og book merchandise and all the creative little shops that exist. And I love it!

Owlcrate has also introduced me to a variety of books I had never heard of, and thus also to authors I had never heard of. This means that 2017 for me has been a year where my knowledge of books and pretty much anything book related was seriously widened. If one can say that…


This year also became the year where I received my very first ARC (Advance Reading (or Review) Copy). It was something I dreamed of doing someday after having settled as a bookstagrammer – or a book blogger, when I finally got my blog up and running. It was such an amazing experience, and I still feel bubbles in my chest when I think of it or look at my books; An author actually wanted me to read her book, write down my thoughts and post a review of the book. And not just one author: Two authors. I cannot believe it.

I keep being in awe of writers. Of authors. They get to do this fantastic thing; write down stories for me to read! They’re like super stars to me. And then suddenly, some of them want to hear my thoughts on their books. I am still so thrilled! And so happy! I honestly didn’t expect to be able to do this in my very first year in the online bookloving community. The ARC’s I received can be seen in the image at the top of this post.

I am so grateful for this experience I would like to thank M. P. Tonnesen and Lene Krog for giving me this experience and for letting me review their amazing stories: Desert Skies, Rebel Souls and Pigen fra Månehøjen!

The reads

I managed to red 40 books in 2017, and although a few of them were for my class in literature at the teacher education, I actually enjoyed all of them. Some more than others of course 😉

I read a variety of books this year including two children’s books. I rarely read children’s books, which I can see is actually a mistake. Especially since I work with children, because I wouldn’t know where to start, if they asked me to read a book to them.

The Holiday Bag

This year I tried my local library’s new concept; a holiday bag. A concept, where one of the librarians of my local library mixed a bag of books for me based on some questions I had answered as I ordered one. It is a concept I hope, they will keep doing and a concept I hope more libraries will begin, since it is a really great way to find new authors and new reading material. Without this bag who knows if I would have ever been introduced to The Girl at Midnight or Regnfaldet.

The best read(S) of 2017

This is a tough one, since I feel I have read a lot of amazing books this year. Some of the books that I have the best recollections of are:

  • Half Lost by Sally Green, which was an outstanding reading experience – so was the entire trilogy(!) – and I really look forward to reading more of Sally Green’s work.
  • The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison. This was a creepy read. One of those, where you are sometimes scared how much you like the book, because it is actually quite disturbing. I cannot recommend people read this enough, and I sincerely hope thet one of the Danish publishing houses will decide to publish it!
  • Haabet by Mich Vraa was amazing! I don’t normally read this genre, but I was swept away by Vraa’s writing! I even contemplate on reading more of his books alone because of his skills as a story teller!
  • Spektrum by Nanna Foss. Yes. I know Spektrum isn’t one book. But Nanna writes exceedingly well and the books are so different, yet all the same. In a good way! And I love how the main character’s change from book to book. Even though it makes it so much harder when the book ends.
  • Til døden os skiller by Kit A. Rasmussen. This was so good, and I also possible just read it at the right time, which made the experience so much greater! I loved how the book was written like this mystery I, the reader, needed to solve – yet there was no mystery, only a tough story, where I could only hope for a happy ending. It is such an important story to tell and I think Kit did an amazing job!

Okay, I could keep on going, but I promised myself I wouldn’t make a top 20 out of 40 books. I could do that though. Or well… a lot of book would probably share the places. So this is a handful of the books I enjoyed this year.

Happy New Year

The bookstagram community, Goodreads and all the book bloggers I follow has opened my eyes to the importance of being organised and I have tried to be this year, but I still need a lot more practise!

All in all 2017 has been amazing and I can ony hope that 2018 will be even more so!

Happy New Year!